Home Repair Videos.
Worth Watching.
Home Repair Videos.
Worth Watching.
  1. DIY Resources
    In an effort to help homeowners save time and money, we've created a library of over 90 videos covering a very wide range of repair and remodel tasks for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Available for purchase as a complete 10 disc DVD series, or to be instantly streamed through our friends as Curious.com.
  2. Meet Your Host
    After over thirty years in the trades, your host has just about seen it all, and then fixed it. Both stateside and abroad, he's gathered up a career's worth of experience, and he's poured all of it into these videos. Husband, father, drummer, tool addict. Introducing Eric Steward.
  3. New Post to YouTube!
    Check out our newest upload to YouTube by clicking the link below! This week, Eric will walk you through changing a leaking, stiff-to-operate, or just out-of-fashion shower/tub control valve. Don't forget to subscribe for new videos and giveaways. And comment to let us know what you think!
About Eric
A Simple Concept, Really

A trailer of sorts...

"You can do almost anything, if you don't get overwhelmed."  - Eric Steward
We whole-heartedly believe this. After many years of training people, some of whom had absolutely no experience prior to the training, our host and founder, Eric Steward, decided to bring solid, fun home repair and renovation training to anyone with a computer or DVD player. The concept is rather simple: find the proper video for the project you're looking to tackle, watch closely as a very similiar project is completed right before your eyes, complete with in-depth explanations, and then go get that item checked off of your list...

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Just saw your video and I'm full of confidence and ready to go. Thanks
Charlie C., youtuber
Live Events
Life's Too Short...
Dont' make fun: that little princess is one of our best reps!
Watch for us at your local Home Show.
...to take yourself too seriously. Although we highly respect the trades, (we think it's important to have a bit of fun, as well. To that end, we strive to make the experience entertaining, so that you'll look forward to that next project. Not dread it. And, yes, that's my dad. He's a nutball.
Help From A Princess.